"Eating Illegal Loans" is the second chapter of Volume One.



Kaji Takaomi decides to pay off his loan. However, Madarame Baku teaches him how some acts by loan sharks are illegal, and how in Kaji's case, a lawyer can be used to solve the problem. Relieved, Kaji thoughtlessly goes to Nitro Loans, the loan sharks' office, to negotiate by himself. He is about to be threatened when Baku comes in, acting as yakuza. He claims he wants three million yen, while he hands a lottery ticket, receipts, etc, as collateral. Seeing the lottery ticket, one of the loan sharks believes that it has the winning numbers for the lottery he heard from a phone earlier, so he hands over three million yen. However the phone call was a set up done by Baku who disguised his voice. The loan sharks are too late to notice, and Baku and Kaji leave safely with three million yen in their hands. The next day, the loan sharks are no longer in business.


  • Outwitting Kaji's loan sharks

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