IDEAL is an American crime syndicate. It's meaning references the perfect cut of a diamond. It is a steady financial aid to many anti-government organizations and guerrilla activities around the world. They don't hesitate to use any means of terror to achieve their goals. Recently, they have taken to absorbing other crime syndicates.

A force that is trying to steal the power of Kakerou by any means necessary.

Hangman Game

Their existence is first brought to the attention of Kakerou after the Abandoned Mine game. Billy Craig meets with Mizue Yuuko in order to negotiate terms that would place twenty-four members of IDEAL into Kakerou or compensation of thirty billion yen for a loss of stocks. Their boss's demands are due to resentment caused by Kiruma Souichi's refusal to cooperate with IDEAL and launch the missiles after the game. With these one-sided conditions, Mizue bluntly refuses.

Labyrinth Game