100 yen...that was the first time I ever owned money.
Kaji Takaomi
Kaji Takaomi (梶 隆臣) is one of the main characters of the manga, Usogui. He used to be young man chased by loan sharks and debt collectors until he met gambler Madarame Baku and entered deep into the world of gambling.


Kaji is often seen wearing hoodies and sporting short, black hair.


Kaji Takaomi was originally a very ordinary man before he met Madarame Baku who had a trusting personality. But as went through and experienced many life-threatening situations, his mentality strengthened. He grows and becomes more courageous against and dealing with people like yakuza and Kakerou. Baku sees him as good luck, and there are many instances when Kaji's actions have helped Baku.

Abandoned Building Escape Game


Madarame Baku and Kaji Takaomi during the Abandoned Building Escape Game.

Madarame Baku and Kaji Takaomi challenge Kokonoe Tarou(Q-Tarou) in the Abandoned Building Escape Game. During this game, Kaji almost loses his mind at the intense feeling of having put his life on the line. He earns his Kakerou membership during this game.

Seven-card Poker Game

Baku offers Kaji a chance to waste money in order to free himself from the control it has over him if he lets it. This leads Kaji to take his winnings from the previous game to an illegal casino and place bets freely, win or lose. He challenges Nikaido Samemaru.

Hangman Game

Kaji assists Baku in a game of old maid with a hangman's noose as a loser's penalty.

Labyrinth Game

Madarame Baku and Kaji challenge Yukiide Kaoru in the Labyrinth Game.

Labyrinth of the Minotaur Game