You know, forgetting things is blissful.
Kiruma Souichi to Touya Masateru
Kiruma Souichi (切間 創一) is the current 21st royal leader of Kakerou and is the current main antagonist of the series.


Though not at first revealed, Kiruma features almost completely smoothed back hair and a single mole between his eyebrows.


He continues to view that due to "God's will" or "destiny" he will keep on winning gambles. Though his behavior often fluctuates, and he is capricious enough to not know what to do at times, he often resorts to childish behavior, making jokes or refusing to take orders from others.

Before the Timeline

On April 9, 2001, Madarame Baku challenged the Leader of Kakerou, Kiruma Souichi, in the "Surpass the Leader" game. He bet on everything while Kiruma Souichi's leader position was on the line. The gamble was on how many air vehicles would fly through the surrounding area in 30 minutes. He bet that "some" air vehicles would pass, making preparations for 100 air vehicles to fly through the area beforehand. However, his preparations were read, and Kiruma had gathered his Private Army. The air vehicles never showed up, Madarame ended up losing the challenge. Madarame's life itself become the Leader's possession, but then, Kiruma didn't "feel like taking it", so Madarame's life wasn't collected at that time. From this challenge, Madarame loses "everything", and disappears for a few years.

Hangman Game

In the Hangman arc, Kiruma makes his reappearance behind Yakou Jouichi. having the proceeding referee refer to them as 'aliens' as a joke. He is pleased when everyone laughs, until he notices Baku and Kaji are not, a dead comrade of Sadakuni Ikki is not, and deduces that referee Nowa Mitoshi, though he and his men are not present and viewing the scene over monitors is not.

Labyrinth Game

During the Labyrinth Game, he is seen with Referee Touya Masateru at a golf driving range.