To tell you the truth, I love to gamble.
Madarame Baku to Yukiide Kaoru
Madarame Baku (斑目 貘) nicknamed Usogui, is the main protagonist of the manga, Usogui. He became a genius gambler at the age of 15, and trampled the member of the mysterious gambling organization, Kakerou. He is known as a legend in the underworld


Baku has silver, wavy hair with blue eyes, and is often seen wearing a suit. He's assumed to have beautiful features.


Baku's personality is very ambiguous and seen as neither good or bad.

  • "He's not a bad person. However, he's also not a good person." -Kaji Takaomi
  • "Baku-niichan is also in the group of bad people, but there are different kinds of bad people." -Marco

During gambles, there are many instances where he intimidates and tosses around his opponents as if he is eating them. And even outside of gambling, he is prone to danger and likes to take risks in everything. His true feelings towards people are unknown and a mystery. However, he seems to treat people based on what he sees through his judgments. He shows his disgusts towards people like Kaji's mother who selfishly tramples on others, but on the other hand he shows kindness to people like Marco who has been living in solitude.

Before the Timeline


Baku's failure and notice that his life will be taken when Kiruma feels like it.

On April 9, 2001, Madarame Baku challenged the Leader of Kakerou, Kiruma Souichi, on the "Surpassing the Leader" game. He bet on his everything, while Kiruma Souichi's leader position was on the line. The gamble was on how many air vehicles would fly through the surrounding area in 30 minutes. He bet that "some" air vehicles would pass, making preparations for 100 air vehicles to fly through the area beforehand. However, his preparations were read, and Kiruma had gathered his Private Army. The air vehicles never showed up, Baku ended up losing the challenge. Baku's life itself become the Leader's possession, but then, Kiruma didn't "feel like taking it", so Baku's life wasn't collected at that time. From this challenge, Baku loses everything, and disappears for a few years.

Current Timeline



Baku meets Kaji.

The story begins when one day, he meets Kaji at a pachinko shop, and Kaji helps him profit from the game. As a thanks, Baku assists Kaji in getting rid of Kaji's loan sharks by "paying off" his debts. This encounter is the starting point of the many gambles Baku and Kaji get involved in.