"Secret Things" is the fourth chapter of Volume One.


In a dark hallway a man with a bag is attempting to run away from someone. He doesn't get far before he dies.

Meanwhile, Madarame Baku and Kaji Takaomi are at an abandoned building in Shinjuku playing poker with Kokonoe Tarou, aka Q-Tarou, an old man the two met at the illegal casino earlier. As they play poker, Kokonoe suddenly suggests a gamble. Baku and Kaji just have to escape the building to get 10 million yen, but with a killer attempting to stop them. Kokonoe then reveals Rodemu.


Kaji Takaomi sees Baku's expression change when Kakerou is mentioned.

Baku doesn't want to agree on the bet until Kokonoe brings up Kakerou. Kokonoe then calls Yakou Hikoichi who arrives and announces that Kakerou will oversee the remainder of the game.


  • poker

Kakerou Games

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