Settling the bets of precious club members and collecting debts are some of my duties. A strong insight, and calm and proper judgment is necessary. Also what I really love is interrupting people when they talk!
Yakou Hikoichi
Yakou Hikoichi (夜行 妃古壱) is a character in the manga, Usogui. He is Referee #2 of Club Kakerou. Along with Nowa Mitoshi, he is the oldest referee in Kakerou. Other than presiding over games as a referee, he is also an expert in collecting debts, and is also nicknamed "Debt Collector". He also has a twin brother, Yakou Jouichi. He is Madarame Baku's exclusive referee.


Yakou is an old gentleman with gray hair and a mustache. His key characteristics are his curled eyebrows.


Like a gentleman, he uses honorifics and is polite to anyone. However, he shows his savage side to satisfy his curiosity or during battles.